Wind Turbine Blade Inspection System

The BladeRunner is a high speed high resolution fully automated turnke systyem designed specifically for inspection of wind turbine generator blades on the factory floor.  Total scan time per blade, both pressure side and suction side is conservatively 3 hours.  Results are produced in high resolution color Cscans and Bscans showing extreme detail, reliability, and repeatability.

Presently many manufactures resort to manual scanning to inspect the spar cap, adhesive, and shear web bonding.  Doing so is slow, may take hours (sometime days), is complex, subject to one person's interpretation, and does not allow for any meaningful permanent records and secondary review of the problem areas.

The BladeRunner leverages lightweight technology to gain speed, accuracy, and mechanical advantage.  This machine addresses issues inherent to manual scanning in an elegant, meaningful, and useful manner.  In doing so, the operator becomes more efficient spending less time scanning while devoting more effort characterizing trouble spots, plotting out repairs, and suggesting upstream tweaks in the molding and manufacturing process.

Joystick Controlled Steering and Actuation

X-Y Gantry on Blade

Shear Web and Spar Caps

Wind Turbine Blade

Factory Floor

Wind Farm