Data Images

All AIS systems record raw waveforms at high speed and resolution.   Fast imaging and analysis algorithms  condense this large quantity of data into useful information.    Doing so ensures value and quality.  A number of data examples highlighting versatility are shown below.  Most images are shown in Cscan format, a plan view from the top.  All data acquired can be imaged in Cscan, Bscan, B'Scan, Stacked Ascans, and Ascan format.  From the high resolution images, the operator only needs to burrow down into the raw wave forms to characterize and measure any anomalies or indications in a timely manner.

Practical uses for AIS technology covers a wide range of industries, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, Utilities, Water Districts, Pulp and Paper Mills, Manufacturing, and Maintenance Facilities.  Example applications include Pipelines, Pressure Vessels, Tank Walls, Large Aircraft Panels, Aircraft components, Wind Turbine Blades,  Penstocks, and Steam Turbine Rotobores.

Pipe Elbow Thickness Measurements

Hammer Forged Pipe Delaminations

Cscan - Bubbler Technique

TOFD Example

Carbon Composite Test Sample

Carbon Graphite Step Wedge

Zonal Technique

Glass Reinforced Fiber Calibration Block

Turbine Rotorbore Example