The RoboCrawler is an industrial steerable magnetic wheel crawler with a high speed raster arm.The Crawler's open frame design conforms to the scanning surface by dynamically adjusting for camber, suspension, toe in/out. These features allow the RoboCrawler extreme skid steering ability without lifting off the surface

The BladeRunner is a fully automated UT inspection system designed specifically for inspection of wind turbine generator blades. Total Inspection time per blade, both pressure side and suction side, is conservatively 3 hours.

Internal Pipe Crawler inspecting a subsea flow line for corrosion and wall thickness measurements. The information will be used to document pipe degradation, corrosion rates, and life assessment. This flow line was retrieved from the ocean floor after five years of service.

Raw Data Ultrasonic Cscan shown peeling through layers of a graphite composite test piece. The last image shows a summary of the delaminations per depth/layer into the part.

High speed high resolution raster scan demonstration of the AIS RoboScanner to inspect the ID surface for corrosion and wall thickness measurements.