The RoboCrawler is an industrial steerable magnetic wheel crawler with a high speed raster arm.  Unlike a box on wheels type scanner, the crawler's open frame design conforms to the scanning surface by dynamically adjusting for camber, suspension, toe in/out.  These features allow the RoboCrawler extreme skid steering ability without lifting off the surface.

The high speed raster arm scans at +20 in/sec while recording Ascans every 0.02" providing high resolution stunning Cscan images, allowing for corrosion characterization, and an accurate and visual statistical distribution of each shell course thickness measurements.

Many tanks and vessels of all shapes and sizes rest on false bottoms and/or structures.  Access to the tank at the lower level is likely to be obstructed by pipes, supports, valves, etc.  The RoboCrawler can be placed on a reachable section of the false skirt and steered through and past obstructions to a point where it has a clear path up the side of the tank.   Normally this start point would have otherwise been unreachable.

The RoboCrawler comes standard with a 100' umbilical and a lifting capacity of over 100 lbs.  The package is turnkey and includes data system, analysis software, and a wireless remote control joy stick.



Front View

Transducer Gimble

Wireless Joy Stick Control

Over 100 lbs Lifting Capacity

Paper Mill Tank Wall Inspection

At Top of Tank


Side View on Tank

Remote Control Joystick