Automated UT Data System

The NB-2000  data system is the heart of all our automated UT products.  These machines come in either a Windows laptop or desktop configuration.  The unit houses a fully configurable UT instrument, 125 MHz A/D, motion control functions, acquisition and analysis software.  Notably the NB-2000 data system is noted for its raw speed and throughput power.  Typically most applications/scanners run at 20"/sec while capturing a wave form every 0.02" (0.5mm).  So when running at these high speeds and rates, the NB-2000 puts out stunning full color high resolution images.

Applications of the NB-2000 include corrosion mapping, thickness measurements, TOFD, multichannel zonal techiques, weld examination, bond line inspection, crack detection and sizing, delaminations, erosion, and pitting. 

Gas Sphere Weld Inspection

Penstock Inspection

Pipe Line Inspection

Gas Line Dig Up

Refinery Inspection

Gas Pipe Weld Inspection